The Disney Book

I'm not going to start this post by saying I'm a die-hard Disney fan, however since finding out that I'm going to Disneyland Paris next year my love for all things Disney has been unleashed! I'm obsessed with Disney films (they're just such easy viewing when life is tough, you know?) and like most children I grew up dreaming about going to Disneyland, but never got the chance until now. I picked up The Disney Book a few months ago as a little Christmas present to myself and thought I'd share my thoughts with you today.



200 Degrees Coffee Shop Nottingham

(I'm aware this photo makes the barista look as though he's been sent from the heavens... having said that, the food was pretty glorious!)

Yesterday I took the afternoon off from uni work to have a bite to eat in the city centre with some blogging friends from uni. We ended up in 200 Degrees: a gorgeous coffee shop that I've walked past plenty of times and always thought was a pub. Major fail on my part, I know. BUT now that I've finally been inside it's safe to say that it will fast become my favourite place to visit. It is vegetarian and vegan friendly which is always handy if you have friends with those requirements and has a very relaxed, hipster-esque vibe without being pretentious (sorry, hipsters, but it had to be said).




Last week, I nervously published my first really raw and honest blog post. You can read that here, if you like. Honestly, the disease that I was diagnosed with years ago has recently become a rather big part of my life, and I hate it. Honestly, it makes me feel vulnerable, confused and, at times, despairingly helpless. Honestly, I haven't felt like myself in a long while...and honestly, I'm not entirely sure what "myself" even feels like any more...



Invisible Illness

If you'd been in lectures with me today, you might have noticed my black skinny jeans, my adidas trainers, or my new favourite jumper. You may have spotted me fiddling with my necklace, running my fingers through my hair an annoying amount of times, or stifling a few too many yawns. If you had sat next to me you might have admired my freshly painted nails, my watch or my cute little rose ring. If you're an eagle-eyed make-up lover you'd possibly have complimented my bronzer or flawless eyebrows and you'd probably agree that my hair looked half-decent!


Skinnydip London Wishlist

I managed to narrow down my phone case wishlist...just about! Absolutely obsessed. Just imagine the squid one or the floaty shark one lying next to you on the sun lounger on a July day while you top up your tan! YASS. The poo one one is probably my personal fave - that emoji has such a special place in my heart. I've always been a sucker for pastel pink accessories so loved this makeup bag immediately, and the stickers would make it so fetch.




Ask anyone what the best thing about blogging is and they will probably include meeting new people in their answer! There's a small group of us who have met through blog events in Nottingham and decided to go out for an early christmas dinner together at the end of November. The fabulous Sherry played mother hen and organised the whole evening for us - she booked a table at Thaikhun (complete with complimentary Prosecco...thank you Thaikhun!) and also put together a little goodybag for each of us...Christmas really did come early!
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