#NottsBBMeet haul

If you've already read my post about the #NottsBBMeet on Saturday then you will already be anticipating this post! I posted a wishlist last week of things that I was hoping to pick up on Saturday and I managed to get quite a few things on the list as well as two amazing goodybags that I wanted to show you all. It is safe to say that I don't need to go shopping for cosmetics until the end of uni. Bearing in mind that I haven't started yet. And I'm having a gap year first.

 photo IMG_4400_zps4c199171.jpg
Top row L-R: MAC lip pencil Lasting Sensation, MAC Coral Bliss lipstick, Barry M Textured Nail Polish Kingsland Road, Barry M Gelly High Shine Greenberry, Barry M Gelly High Shine Pomegranate, Models own Make-up Blending Sponges, 
Bottom row L-R: Sleek blush by 3 Lace, Revlon lip butter Pink Lemonade, Collection Cream Puff Cotton Candy, Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil Pure White, Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer 002, Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer Classic Beige, Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation True Ivory,

 photo IMG_4383_zps7f1b8434.jpg
MAC lip pencil Lasting Sensation, MAC Coral Bliss lipstick, 

 photo IMG_4392_zps00bdda29.jpg
MAC lip pencil Lasting Sensation

 photo IMG_4390_zpsfb0823ba.jpg
MAC Coral Bliss lipstick

In MAC I tried on a few lipsticks but knew I would end up going for Coral Bliss, then the lady who served me asked if I wanted to try a lipliner with it. Obviously she was trying to get me to buy more products, which I usually avoid, but I know I will be wearing a lot of coral lip colours this spring and summer so thought a coral lipliner would be a good investment. The lipstick looked so much better with the lipliner under, the colour was a lot truer to the bullet and it lasted all afternoon!

I picked up the sleek palette in Superdrug then waited til the end of the day when we got to the shopping centre with the big Boots store in, then I went make-up crazy! The shade ranges available weren't brilliant for all the products but I am pleased with what I came away with.

If you follow me on instagram or read yesterday's post you will have already seen the photo I uploaded of the amazing contents of my goodybag! But I will put them here too...

 photo gdbg5_zpsd7a1c9a8.jpg

 photo gdbg4_zps88622332.jpg

There is no way I will be able to go through everything that I received because there was so much stuff! But I will hopefully get some reviews up in the future. The brands involved were so flipping generous, there were so many full-sized products as well as samples! I was gobsmacked. Just need to find a place to store it all now...

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warning: very long post with lots of pictures, I hope you get to the end, it's a pretty good story ;)

 photo IMG_4367_zps90379383.jpg

Yesterday I went to the Nottingham #bbloggers meet up organised by the lovely Sophia (I can genuinely call her lovely now that I've met her in person, she really is very lovely!) also known as the tattooed tealady. I had a brilliant day and am really excited to be able to share with you all what I got up to!

I got the train at 8.15am (it was an early start!) with Lucy who blogs over at Louminous. I hadn't met her before but we'd arranged to get the train together so neither of us arrived on our lonesome! (Lucy goes to uni in Nottingham which was very helpful as she knew how to get to the meeting point!) We arrived in Nottingham at about 10 and met Sophia along with some other smiley girls for breakfast, then went to meet everyone else at 11. There were so many of us in total! It was great, we looked like some sort of school trip with our name badges and cameras, got a few confused looks shot our way which was very amusing.

 photo kiehls1_zps993bb642.jpg

 photo kiehls2_zps25bcff14.jpg
We were welcomed with a champagne (or orange juice!) breakfast

 photo kiehls3_zpsdd56096f.jpg
Nice advice from Kiehl's

I was in the first group who went to visit Kiehl's, one of Sophia's favourite skincare brands. I must admit, while I had heard of Kiehl's I had never really looked into the brand before, let alone tried any of their products, so it was nice to visit the Nottingham branch and have a look at what they had to offer!

 photo kiehls5_zps7420e0b1.jpg
The BB cream display caught my eye straight away, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to find one in my goodybag!

 photo kiehls4_zps1badabfa.jpg
This sort of thing is right up my street, I love collages and magazine clippings!

 photo kiehls7_zpsc1780603.jpg
The infamous midnight recovery...

 photo kiehls11_zpscda16f1f.jpg
Mr Bones

The rest of the day was spent shopping around the city centre, with my highlights being MAC and Boots (the two shops where I did the most damage to my purse!). The fact that four different groups went to Kiehl's at different times throughout the day meant that we were all able to mingle and spend time with different people, which was really nice.

 photo gdbg2_zps7bcb257e.jpg
Our press pack

 photo gdbg1_zps12a88fd0.jpg
The contents of my goodybag!

 photo gdbg4_zps88622332.jpg
My Liz Earl goodybag!

Just when I thought I couldn't take any more standing and walking, it was time to go to T.G.Is for a well-deserved meal (I convinced myself that after all the walking I'd done I was allowed to indulge...). Sophia and a few of the other girls who helped her to organise the day had gone ahead and set the table for us with name cards and our 2 goody bags! Seeing everyone's faces when we had a look in the bags must have been hilarious, we were all so overwhelmed by the incredible things we had been given! Lucy actually photographed me when I realised we had been given a full-sized cleanse and polish (along with 2 other full-sized products!!) from Liz Earl! Having gone through the goodybags on the train on the way home and again this morning I can honestly say I am so shocked/surprised/overwhelmed/appreciative/excited about what we were given.

 photo tgis_zpscd1d3dbf.png
T.G.I Fridays!

On to the meal. Half price for our first drink was very nice (everyone else chose cocktails while I had a cider haha, I'm so classy) and then I decided to go all-out and have three courses: mozzrella dippers (my fave!) for starters, a chicken caeser salad for main and the cookie dough cheesecake for dessert (blame Sammy!). Yum. During the meal there were a few giveaways, and I won one! Happy nicnak. I won a scrub from makebelieve that smells divine! I love trying new scrubs, so will have no excuse but to have smooth skin from now on.

 photo gdbg6_zpsb8b3122f.jpg
The exfoliator I won

I had such a brilliant day yesterday, met so many lovely people and bought and received so many lovely things that I feel so grateful for. It gave me a must-needed boost before the revision-filled term I have coming up! Thanks again to Sophia who organised the day along with  Sophie from Candy Cane HeartJessie from The Bode Boutique and Amiiee from It's Amiieeism!

 photo goodybags_zpse7a69e5f.png

I will put a haul post up tomorrow of the things I bought yesterday (I picked up quite a few things from my wishlist!) along with some photos of the goodybags.

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