Oaks Boutique Jumpsuit

A few weeks ago I went to a Blogger event hosted by Oaks Boutique at their store in Roundhay. I followed my blog post about the event with a blog post showing my favourite items from Oaks that I had spotted on the night. Oaks were holding a competition for all the bloggers who attended the event to be in with the chance to win one of their favourite items. Remember the jumpsuit I mentioned in my blog post? Well, I won it! I was so so excited when Oaks tweeted me to tell me that I was one of the winners and I went to collect my jumpsuit a couple of days later.

 photo IMG_5201_zps4bf0e57e.jpg

I tried on both the small/medium and medium/large and the smaller of the two definitely fitted better - it is quite a loose-fitting jumpsuit anyway so looks better when it is more fitted as opposed to being really loose and drapey. It is a really flattering fit and I think it would look good on any body shape and size as it sinches in at the waist and has a really flattering scooped neckline but is loose enough over the tummy and legs to cover and lumps and bumps you don't want to show. This jumpsuit will be great for hot days when you want to wear something that will keep you cool but don't fancy showing your legs (come on, surely I'm not the only girl who has that in-between-leg-shaving stubble that I don't want the world to see?!).

At the event I only spotted the jumpsuit in pink, however when I went to collect it I was shown the baby blue version which is also really nice. I stuck with my original choice of pink however, as I have a lot of blue clothes already and felt that the pink jumpsuit was full of warmer, more summery shades that would look amazing with a bikini and a tan on the beach. When you look closely the jumpsuit appears to be see-through, so I was a tad nervous when I tried it on however once on its fine. I would probably opt for nude-coloured underwear just to feel totally safe and because the cut of the jumpsuit means that your bra might peep out to say hi..!

The other reason why this jumpsuit is perfect for hot holidays is that it can be worn casually during the day or dressed up for the evening. I would wear it with casual flats or flip flops and a sun hat during the day and dress it up with heels and jewellery for meals out during the evening. Is it just me that likes to dress up extra nice for hot holiday evenings?

 photo IMG_5206_zps83191988.jpg

 photo IMG_5209_zpsf9ca7716.jpg

If you live near any of the Oaks stores I would definitely recommend popping in and trying this on, in either the pink or the blue! This jumpsuit would suit pretty much anyone and would be a great addition to your summer wardrobe. Thanks again Oaks!

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The Vegan Kind Superbox

Quite a while ago, I was lucky enough to win The Vegan Kind's Superbox in Sophia's giveaway. I'm not a vegan however have been becoming increasingly interested in vegan products and recipes since researching health and fitness, particularly when it comes to looking at how my diet may affect my Crohn's.

 photo IMG_5025_zps87c3ac10.jpg

The superbox contains the most popular products featured in the first, second and third TheVeganKind boxes. Here's a rundown of what I received:

From the first box:
Living Naturally Soapnut Sample Bag
Goody Good Stuff Sweets
Qi Tea Sample
The Vegg Vegan Egg Yolk 
TheVegan Kind TVK Badge

From the second box:
Vegetarian Freedom Mallows Vanilla Flavour
Arbonne Protein Bar
Dr. Bronner Magic Soap
YAOH Lip Balm
Mendill Organic Towelettes 

From the third box: 
Beond Organic Acai Berry Bar
Clearspring Dried Daikon
Premae Hand & Foot Creme Sample
Perry Court Farm Pear Crisps

 photo IMG_5028_zps7b946dac.jpg

So far, my favourite item from the superbox has been the Freedom Mallows. I've decied I prefer them to non-vegan marshmallows! They reminded me of 'flumps' and were a lot less grainy than normal marshmallows can be. I also loved the Goody Good Stuff sweets - I have such a sweet tooth so was so pleased to find vegan sweets (with no icky ingredients in) that don't taste any different to the non-vegan sweets that I know and love!

As for the rest of the box, I am most excited to learn more about the vegan egg yolk! I can't wait to learn more about this and how to use it in cooking - I will definitely do a separate blog post featuring this in a recipe. I am also looking forward to learning more about the skincare, since becoming an Arbonne Independent Consultant vegan skincare has been something I have become a lot more aware of so it's great to have received vegan skincare products in this box.

I must admit, I wasn't sure about the Beond Organic fruit bar - it is quite a strange taste and texture to get used to. However I gave some to Josh's mum to try and she really liked it! She is also really interested in vegan diets so I've been telling her about the various things I've tried in this box.

 photo IMG_5028_zpsc6d306e3.jpg

For £10 a month plus p+p you can sign up online to receive a box from The Vegan Kind every month! Click here to go to their website for more information. What do you think of The Vegan Kind's Superbox? Are you interested in vegan products? 

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Bobbi Brown Blogger Event Leeds

Last Wednesday I went along to House of Fraser for a Bobbi Brown makeup demonstration, along with a few other Leeds beauty bloggers. I love watching make-up artists work and seeing the products, techniques and tools they use to create different looks, so this type of event really excites me!

Rina, who had invited us to the demonstration, showed us a look that had been used during PPQ's runway show at London Fashion Week this year. The look was very 60s-inspired, with defined brows, thick black liner all around the eye and a neutral lip. 

 photo 1131_zpsd6301bb8.jpg

 photo 1132_zpsf219fde4.jpg

 photo 1133_zpse5b06ee7.jpg

 photo 1136_zps2b37d026.jpg

Rina primed the eyelids using Long-Wear Eye Base before sweeping White Eyeshadow all over from lash to brow, creating that classic 60s base. She then used the Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush to apply the Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink in a thick line along the top lash line, focusing on both eyes at the same time as opposed to finishing one eye first then the other. This makes it easier to ensure the liner is even on both eyes. Rina then ran the Smokey Eye Kajal Liner in Noir along the water line and finished the eye off with a couple of coats of Smokey Eye Mascara

Rina defined the brows with Mahogany Eyeshadow and the Eye Definer BrushAfter seeing Rina use this brush, I've added it to my wishlist. I need a new brush for doing my brows and this angled brush is perfect for the job! Pot Rouge in Uber Beige finished the look off giving a little bit of a colour on the cheekbones. The lips were kept pale and neutral with the Rich Lip Colour in Uber Beige

 photo 1137_zps709f7db6.jpg

 photo 1138_zps7417dbed.jpg

 photo 1139_zps20d4ca70.jpg

I'm not sure whether this 60s-inspired makeup would suit me but I will certainly give it a go! It was great to discover that Bobbi Brown is an educational brand and you can book sessions to learn how to create various looks and use the makeup and brushes, which is something that I'd definitely be interested in doing.

What do you think of this 60s-inspired makeup look? Have you been to any makeup lessons with Bobbi Brown?

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Oaks Boutique Blogger Event: My faves...

The other day I posted about the Oaks Boutique Blogger Event and mentioned that I would be showing you all my favourite pieces that I spotted on the night...and here they are! 

 photo IMG_5067_zps42baa930.jpg
Hepcat Blogs bought this blue necklace and I'm tempted to go back and pick it up myself! I love this shade of blue, I think its so pretty and this necklace would really make a statement. I'm not usually a fan of long necklaces but this seems just the right length and the fact that it has the smaller necklace with it makes it more wearable, for me anyway.

 photo IMG_5071_zps415752c5.jpg
I have a few bulky silver necklaces but nothing like this. Big chunky necklaces are everywhere at the moment but I like this one in particular as its feminine and the plain silver means it could be worn with a lot of things. I also love the blue shirt...shall I go back and buy both?!

 photo boots_zps771b5e6f.png
I love boots, especially brown boots, and these brown boots with sparkles definitely caught my eye. I think a few girls were thinking of buying them the other night and I wouldn't be surprised if someone did - they're awesome! They look pretty sturdy and would look gorgeous with my dark high-waisted skinny jeans (which, as you know, I wear all. The. Time.).

 photo heels_zpsd1383c7e.png
How amazing would these heels look on?! I need them. But my mum and Josh would definitely give me a major telling off if I bought them as I already have quite a lot of shoes... But if I had it my way I would have them on my feet right now.

 photo 1148_zps6314b6a9.jpg
This jumpsuit is quite see-through but would look amazing over a bikini or swimsuit on holiday. I love the colours in this jumpsuit, they're so summery and I think this would be really flattering for many sizes and body shapes. I don't own a jumpsuit and am determined to have a few in my wardrobe by the summer this year, and I would be oh-so-happy if this was one of them.

 photo 1147_zps7f3a0523.jpg
My mum actually picked this dress out but I'm glad she did as I hadn't spotted it but I love it! I think it would look gorgeous on, really flattering and great for many different occasions. Imagine this with the black heels above...? Oh yes.

 photo 1146_zps2337a5b3.jpg
I saw this jumper on Oak's instagram and fell in love with it, so when I found it in the store I knew I had to take my own photo. I love baggy jumpers and think the colours in this are perfect for the transition from winter to spring, as is the fabric as it isn't too thick and heavy but could be worn without a jacket as we head towards warmer weather.

 photo 1144_zps9722fced.jpg
I love the contrast between the pastel blue and leather black collar in this jumper. I've been trying to shimmy into statement pieces recently and this is would be a great way to do that without throwing yourself head first into the leather-look trend.

 photo 1145_zps5149df19.jpg
This jacket is just wow. You would turn heads wearing this and I think this would be an amazing addition to anyone's spring/summer wardrobe! This could be worn with so many things - versatility is something I look for in statement pieces like this as I want to be able to have lots of different options if I'm going to add a loud and proud print to my wardrobe.

What do you think of the pieces I've picked? Don't forget to visit Oaks Boutique's website www.oaksboutique.com to find one of their stores!

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