Waste Not, Want Not | Tubed products

I hate wasting any sort of product so love discovering ways of getting the last few drops out of my hand creams, soaps, cleansers etc. before binning them! Here is how I get all of the product out of my tubed products, using my Arbonne FC5 Ultra-Hydrating Hand Crème as an example:

Left: full hand cream tube. Right: the tube I've cut down and re-sealed with the 'lid'



Summer Day Out | Bocketts Farm

A few weeks ago, during one of the gloriously hot and sunny days the south was experiencing, Josh and I decided to visit Bocketts Farm Park in Surrey on our last day together in the south before we move! I’d read a bit about Bocketts Farm before when I was researching fun days out in the area and we thought we would take advantage of the sunny weather and have a day out at the farm. When I was younger, throughout Primary School (so when I was aged 5-11ish), I wanted to be a farmer and I love visiting farms and seeing farm animals, so I knew this would be a great day out for me!

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