#screamhome | No-carve Pumpkins

*I'm so sorry this post is late, but maybe you could grab a pumpkin on the cheap and try these DIYs out as a post-Halloween crafty sesh*

halloween pumpkin no carve carving pumpkins decorating diy paint polka dot home decor itsneecola blog tutorial instructions

I'm sure pumpkins spring to mind when most people think of Halloween, the shops are full of them and the internet comes alive with pumpkin-related tutorials! It's no different here on itsneecola, except I've strayed from the typical carving situation and gone for the painting option! No-carve pumpkins do seem to be quite popular this year but, as with most of my #screamhome decorations, mine will be far from Pinterest-worthy. I did have a lot of fun decorating them though, particularly the dotty ones as they were so easy!

For a full disclaimer about the #screamhome project, click here. This post isn't sponsored.



#screamhome | Candle Crafts

itsneecola #screamhome scream home halloween decor diy candles display

itsneecola #screamhome scream home halloween decor diy candles display yankee candle

Candles are very unoriginal, especially at this time of year, I know, but what can I say?! I love me an autumnal glow and scent-filled living room. My Pinterest is full of candle-themed decor so thought I'd try and put a nice display together for the #screamhome project.

For a full disclaimer about the #screamhome project, click here. This post isn't sponsored.


#screamhome | Food treats (with special guest!)

 photo Food thumbnail_zpsdiojok5v.jpg

I knew I had to incorporate some edible treats into my #screamhome challenge and when I realised that we would be visiting Josh's family the weekend before Halloween I thought it was the perfect opportunity to film with my favourite little lady, Grace! In true neecola style, none of the treats we made could be classed as Pinterest-worthy but we had so much fun and they tasted great! (Except the marshmallow pops, but more on that in a bit...) I thought I'd put this blog post together alongside the video for more in-depth information about the ingredients and method for the treats, although they are so simple that it probably isn't all that necessary! To watch the YouTube video, click here!

For a full disclaimer about the #screamhome project, click here. This post and video aren't sponsored.

#screamhome | Introduction and Disclaimer

itsneecola #screamhome scream home halloween decor diy candles display yankee candle
Blog post about my candle decor coming tomorrow!

Hey guys! I wanted to put this post together before my posts and videos go live for a project that I have mentioned in my first couple of vlogs (1, 2) on my YouTube channelThe project in question is #screamhome, in collaboration with Ocean Finance. They gave me £50 and challenged me to turn my home into a #screamhome! I wanted to fully disclaim this before my content went up so that there was no confusion! None of the content I will be putting up about this project is sponsored. I hadn't been asked to make videos or blog posts in particular so I decided to do a mix!



September Empties | YouTube

I thought I'd share my latest video on here too in case you missed it on my channel. I love watching these videos as I feel like if someone has actually used up a full product then it shows that they have formed a good opinion of it rather than favourites videos for example! Let me know what you think of the new setting in this video too, and whether you've tried any of the products I mentioned!


Brazened Honey | Lush Fresh Face Mask

 photo IMG_7679_zpso6pspjfo.jpg

I've been really liking Lush recently - they are a brand that I have heard so much about over the past few years but I've never actually delved very far into their products. A while back I visited their Nottingham store and after the lovely sales assistant gave me a fabulously helpful grand tour of the store I decided to bring a fresh face mask away with me. After much deliberation I opted for Brazened Honey and I thought you might be interested to hear how I got on with it!


Current Makeup Favourites (August!) | YouTube

Again, like my first video, I filmed this over a month ago so they can hardly be called current favourites now can they?! Although I am still loving all the products mentioned, I thought it was only right to include August in the title. Now that I've got my head around the new movie editing software that I'm using I am so excited to upload a few videos this week to get back to 'real time' as it were! 21st birthday haul coming soon! It would make my day if you headed over to YouTube to subscribe to my channel, like the video and leave me some feedback!



Peak District Holiday | Losehill House Hotel and Spa

 photo 5BF199FF-3F81-4C2A-867F-1F460B9BFDBB_zpsknattzi8.jpg
The view from our bedroom at Losehill House

The day after my birthday, Josh and I headed to the Peak District for a few days of country air and relaxation. We had found Losehill House Hotel & Spa online and decided to treat ourselves to a few days there thanks to their 'Sunday to Thursday' offer. I thought I would share a bit of our holiday plus a review of Losehill House with you here on itsneecola in case you're thinking of visiting the Peak District and are looking for somewhere to stay or something to do while you're there.



Affordable Makeup Starter Kit | Bronze, Blush, Highlight

makeup starter kit affordable blush blusher bronze bronzer highlight highlighter bbloggers beauty blog

Welcome to the third post in my Affordable Makeup Starter Kit series! The first in the series was all about Brushes and Tools and the second was about my favourite affordable Base products. After I've applied my base I move on to bronzer, blush (sometimes!) and highlight, so I thought I would cover those next! I hope you find these posts helpful, stay tuned for the next installment! (Also, sorry about the photo quality in this post - I've recently changed laptops and haven't had chance to install the editing software that I usually use but wanted to get another post up for you asap!)



The TMI Tag | My YouTube Debut

Last night something rather nerve-wracking happened...I uploaded my first YouTube video! While I love blogging, something about YouTube has always had my heart since I first stumbled across BeautyCrush years and years ago. About a month after filming my first video, I finally plucked up the courage to upload it last night! (Shout out to Zoe and Georgina for the encouragement!)


Affordable Makeup Starter Kit | Base

 photo itsneecola makeup starter kit base products_zpsqc5qdklv.jpg

The first post in this series was all about affordable brushes and tools and I thought I would follow on with the posts in order which I apply my makeup: starting with the base. If you'd like to know what affordable primers, foundations and concealers I would recommend then keep reading!



Arbonne | Repurchases

beauty blog bblogger bbloggers itsneecola arbonne product repurchases hand cream creme texturising mousse save gel shower gelbeauty blog bblogger bbloggers itsneecola arbonne product repurchases hand cream creme texturising mousse save gel shower gel

If you've been reading itsneecola for a while now, you’ll have seen the brand Arbonne being mentioned a few times over the past couple of years. I used to be an Independent Consultant for Arbonne and have since written about what I think are the best products they have to offer. I placed an order recently, in which I combined what I wanted to buy with my mum, Josh's mum and Josh's grandma so that we could split the postage costs. I thought I would share with you the few products that we each repurchased – Arbonne products are pretty pricey so the fact that we felt these products were repurchasing says a lot about how much we like them!



Empties | August 2015

itsneecola beauty blog bblogger bbloggers review empties august post makeup skincare arbonne maybelline benefit the body shop

Firstly, apologies that this post is up a day late! For various reasons I couldn't get on my laptop last night to finalise and publish this post, but that just means that there will be two posts up today! I love reading about products that people have used up and hearing mini reviews of each product, I think if a blogger has totally finished a product then they have clearly been able to form a proper opinion of it which can be interesting to read. I've slowly finished these products over the past few months and finally had enough to put a post together, so there's a bit of a mixed bag but hopefully you'll find this informative in some way or another.


Affordable Makeup Starter Kit | Brushes and Tools

itsneecola makeup starter kit brushes and tools beauty blog bblogger bbloggers review face eyes real techniques the vintage cosmetic company ecotools amazon ebay

I know most of you reading this post will already have an extensive makeup collection but I thought this mini series could be helpful for younger readers or to anyone starting out with makeup! Having said that, it is always nice to save money where possible so even if your makeup collection is well-stocked you might come across some products that you haven't tried before which won't break the bank. As always, please leave some comments letting me know your favourite affordable makeup items and share any links to posts you've written/read that might mention products not discussed here!



Skincare | Emma Hardie

 itsneecola Emma Hardie moringa balm and facial oil

Emma Hardie moringa balm and facial oil

I mentioned yesterday that I'm on a bit of a skincare hype at the moment. I’d heard the name ‘Caroline Hirons’ being batted around the blogosphere for a while but had never actually ventured onto her blog…when I finally had a look I was hooked immediately! I've read so many of her blog posts and watched most of her videos over the past few weeks and have put a skincare wishlist together – some of which I will be publishing as categorised wishlists here on itsneecola (the first went up yesterday, click here to have a look!). I knew the first things I had to add to my regime were a good quality cleansing balm and an oil or serum. After trying plenty of products when I was last in Marks and Spencer I opted for Emma Hardie, which I ordered online using a very handy discount code I had (ah the benefits of having a boyfriend who works at M&S!).


URL Change | itsneecola.com

Hey hey! Just a really quick post to let you guys know (if you hadn't noticed already!) that itsneecola has made the very exciting move from .blogspot.co.uk to itsneecola.com! I'm really excited about this - this summer is all about upping my blogging game and taking my blog to the 'next level' (whatever that means!) and I feel like this change is a step in the right direction.

Don't forget that this week I am posting every day Monday-Saturday at 6pm so check back tonight for the next post, and in the meantime why not have a read of last night's blog post: my Cleansers wishlist!

Nicola x


Foundation | My Mini Collection

 itsneecola mini foundation collection beauty blog bbloggers makeup five favourite foundations base bourjois healthy mix arbonne mac tinted moisturiser loreal l'oreal paris lumi magique lasting

Foundations have never been my main 'thing' when it comes to makeup but I'm starting to love them more and more as I'm learning how to find ones that work best for me (see this post for what I've learnt so far!). I don't own many foundations, mainly because I try to finish them before buying new ones, but I thought I'd share my little collection with you anyway! Leave me a comment and let me know your favourite foundations, as well as what you think of the ones in my stash.



Collection | My Naked Family

itsneecola my naked family urban decay eyeshadow palette palettes beauty blog bbloggers makeup review neutral pigment packaging

In the space of about 9 months I have somehow acquired three Naked palettes, which I am more than thrilled about! I have swatched friends' Naked palettes in the past so I knew that the quality was great but could never bring myself to spend £38 on one as I have so many eyeshadows already. However, now that I have three of the palettes from the Urban Decay Naked family I wholeheartedly understand and support the hype surrounding them! I know you've probably already read 8576839281 blog posts about these palettes before but it never hurts to get one more opinion, right?! I'll go through the three palettes I own in the order that they came into my life: Naked 3, Naked Basics and finally the original Naked palette.



The Body Shop | July Haul

itsneecola bblogger beauty blog The Body Shop July Haul makeup skincare natural products

I've been loving The Body Shop recently - their products are so affordable and now that I have a loyalty card it makes shopping there even more enjoyable! The stores in Nottingham city centre are fantastic and the sales assistants are always really helpful without being too pushy. I thought I'd share with you what I bought on my latest visit (I only went in for one item and came out with 5, but it makes a good haul post which justifies the extra purchases, right?!)


Hair Styling | Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Spray

itsneecola paul mitchell hair hairdresser hairstylist styling style awapuhi wild ginger hydromist blow-out spray hairspray heat protector protectant frizz anti-frizz blowdry blow-dry salon review beauty blog

You know the deal: you go to the hairdressers and have a million and one products recommended to you but then you get them home and they just don’t live up to your expectations. Well, I've now found a hairdresser who I love and trust and would believe any recommendation she makes – thanks to the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger HydromistBlow-Out Spray.


Boots | July Haul

 itsneecola boots haul july 2015 beauty blog makeup bourjois bronzer loreal l'oreal paris primer rimmel london nude lipstick kate moss maybelline fit me concealer brow drama gel natural collection loose powder real techniques miracle complexion sponge

I did some damage in Boots, but the fact that it can be turned into a blog post lessens the guilt... Boots is my happy place and I've hit the jackpot with the Nottingham Victoria Centre store being a short bus ride away! None of these were spontaneous purchases (list lovers holla at me!) - some are first-time buys while a few are repurchases. Without further ado let's get into what I've been buying! (All products have been linked, just click on the name!)


The Body Shop | Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet

itsneecola the body shop virgin mojito body sorbet beauty blog bbloggers skincare bodycare moisturiser lotion summer

You’re probably sick of hearing this, but you HAVE to go and smell The Body Shop’s new Virgin Mojito range. If you like zesty, fresh, summery scents then you’ll love it, as most bloggers already do! While I was intrigued by the range I didn't think I would be that bothered about the scent… boy was I wrong! I bought the Body Sorbet to take toMenorca with me and I'm so glad I did!


Agua De Menorca | Eau De Toilette

itsneecola Agua De Menorca eau de toilette perfume scent

I like perfume as much as the next gal and I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I can’t resist spritzing my wrists whenever I spot a scent I've never tried. When browsing one of the many gift shops in Menorca I saw a shelf full of Agua De Menorca, a beautifully packaged Eau De Toilette that I couldn't resist trying.

I spritzed it, smelt it, loved it…and left it.



KIKO | Two Sale Purchases

itsneecola kiko cosmetics mini sale haul bbloggers beauty blog hand cream hydrating hand fluid radiant touch creamy stick highlighter makeup swatches

Kiko is a brand that I've known about for a little while but only paid proper attention to since their Nottingham store opened a couple of months ago. It is often ridiculously busy in the store so I am yet to have a thorough browse and spending spree in there, but I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to grab a bargain in their sale the other day! As I still haven’t explored the brand properly I didn't have any items that I was particularly looking for and I only picked up two bits but I thought I would share them with you regardless, especially as I am super excited about one of them!


Foundation | Finding The Perfect One For You

itsneecola how to find your perfect foundation beauty blog bbloggers makeup base

I’ve tried a fair few foundations over the years and made many mistakes in the past, from buying totally the wrong shade (I know I wasn’t the only Oompa Loompa in high school though!) to trying foundations simply because they were hyped up even if they were realistically totally wrong for my skin. A blog post with tips on how to find your perfect foundation would have been so useful for me when I was a teenager – so I thought I would put all the things I’ve learned over the years in one blog post in case it helps anyone reading this…and if not at least I have something to refer back to for myself!



50 Facts About Me | Revisited

itsneecola 50 facts about me revisited boyfriend girlfriend get to know about me beauty blog bbloggers lbloggers
I'm the one on the left, in case there was any confusion. The very handsome fellow on the right is my boyfriend, Josh.

I wrote a '50 Facts About Me' post over two years ago and it seems to be one of my post popular posts (in terms of views anyway!). I've had it linked on my About Me page for new readers to get to know me a bit better... except it is rather out of date, so I thought it might be fun to revisit it and see what has changed about neecola in the past two years!



Guest Post | The Rose Beauty Files

My good friend Molly writes over at The Rose Beauty Files and if you haven’t followed her blog yet, go and do it! This week she is having a guest blogger week and today is my turn to contribute. My post involves a whole lotta makeup and I really enjoyed writing it! I won’t give any more away so all that is left to say is click here to head over to my guest post on Molly’s blog! I hope you like it, and remember to follow Molly while you’re there!

Nicola x


Festivals | Why I Won't Be Attending

 photo itsneecola festivals_zpssaeaes4x.jpg
Can we please appreciate how festival-esque I was as a child? Those glasses, that t-shirt - so on trend.

It’s festival season (if you’re not convinced, just head over to Instagram!) and bloggers and celebrities, alongside the rest of the population, seem to be attending some festival or another this summer! I, however, will not be joining them. I’m sure my absence leaves a big hole in their hearts and nowhere seems quite right without me being there because my presence is just so life-changing…hence me writing a blog post to explain myself to all those lost souls missing me this summer…



Menorca | Getting The Most Out Of Your Visit

itsneecola menorca top tips getting the most out of your holiday tricks advice helpful hints

If you hadn’t already gathered from my last two posts, I think Menorca is a fantastic place to holiday. With the help of my family I have put together a few tips that will hopefully help you to get the most out of your holiday. While I have written this with Menorca in mind it should also be applicable to anywhere you decide to do your holidaying!


Menorca | 10 Things To Do

itsneecola Menorca 10 things to do holiday family beaches

This post might be totally unnecessary and some of you may be reading this wondering why the hell anyone would need a list of things they can do while on holiday (sun-lounger, anyone?!) however this year my family and I discovered a few places and things to do in Menorca that we had never done before so I thought I would share those things with you! This might also be particularly helpful to anyone who is hiring a car when they visit Menorca and want to make the most of having that luxury or to anyone who simply fancies doing something other than sunbathing by the pool (which we did a LOT of too, don't you worry!).


Menorca | My Second Home

menorca balearic islands spain family holiday paradise itsneecola photos sun sea sand sky blue

Josh and I were lucky enough to spend two weeks of June in Menorca with my parents and younger sister. I'd been to Menorca many times as a child and last went 5 years ago, as did Josh. I have so many memories from my holidays there, including memories with loved ones who are sadly no longer with us, and returning this year honestly felt like going home.



Holiday Packing | Skincare, Body care, Haircare

 photo itsneecola holiday packing_zpsnzegao1f.jpg

At this time of year I love reading blog posts about what people are taking on holiday with them. Partly because I'm nosy but also because I find it really helpful when packing myself! I've combined all my skincare, body care and haircare holiday essentials into one blog post so that you can see what I'm taking with me for my two-week trip to Menorca. Let me know what you think of the products I've included and do leave me links to your packing blog posts so that I can have a read!



Haul | Recent Beauty Buys

itsneecola haul recent beauty makeup buys blog post real techniques setting brush sculpting set kiko lip liners makeup revolution highlighter highlight lip lacquer liquid lipsick keep flying for you barry m gelly nail polish varnish cotton papaya lipliner coral urban decay naked basics original palette

I've gathered these makeup items over a few shopping trips both online and in store and thought I'd share them with you as I'm really pleased with what I've bought! I love makeup and wanted to treat myself to a few new bits after finishing my exams...any excuse, right?!



Revitalise Your Life | AbiFox.com

 photo Abi Fox revitalise your life_zpsmbuylwmn.jpg

I recently posted a new page here on itsneecola which is a reading list of positive books and blogs. One of the websites on the list is AbiFox.com – Revitalise Your Life. The Blog section of Abi's website is fabulous but Abi also offers a programme to help clients with their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. After my breakthrough session with Abi, she asked me to leave some feedback for potential clients and I thought I would share my thoughts on itsneecola too!



YSL Beige Tribute | Ways To Wear

When I first showed YSL’s Beige Tribute on itsneecola, I mentioned sometimes wearing it with a lip liner or gloss and thought I would share those with you today. One of the things I love about Beige Tribute is how versatile a shade it is. It can be worn on its own or paired with a lip liner to enhance or change the undertones. A lip liner really helps with the longevity too and there are two that I pair it with the most: Wish Me a Rose and Woo.

 photo YSL beige tribute lip swatch_zpsnvl7xis6.png
YSL Beige Tribute alone



Positive Changes | Reading List

 photo Positive Changes Reading list_zpssswiosaw.jpg

As part of many positive changes I’m making (see this blog post!) I decided to put a reading list together and have it as a new page on itsneecola. This way I can include links to online places to buy the books as well as reviews I’ve read or written for each book. Plus sharing is caring and I figured some of you reading this might be interested in seeing the list. I’ve split it up into various categories:

Inspiration/Soul Food
Physical health, food and fitness

I think they are self-explanatory, right? When you see the books under each category it might make more sense. Please bear in mind this is NOT a blogroll: the blogs and YouTube channels included are purely those which are particularly inspiring or relevant to my journey rather than all the beauty blogs and channels that I love. I might do a blogroll with my favourite blogs and channels soon.

I’d love to hear your suggestions for books I should add to the list! Head over to the page to see what books are there.

Nicola x


Tropic | Lipstick Wishlist

tropic lipstick wishlist natural cosmetics makeup packaging sweet pea in bloom peach perfect jazzberry jam

I’ve been going a bit mad for lipsticks recently. I think it might be to do with the fact that spring/summer is upon us and the stereotypical lip colours for this time of year are ones that I love to wear and always gravitate towards. I’m not a huge fan of wearing dark lips and so the pinks and corals that come around every summer get me lusting after lipsticks everywhere! When my friend Natalie came to stay (have a read of my Introduction to Tropic blog post to find out who Natalie is!) she brought all her Tropic lipsticks with her and of course I had to put a post together about them! My four favourites are Sweet Pea, In Bloom, Peach Perfect and Jazzberry Jam – the first three being perfect for this time of year and Jazzberry Jam would be great for autumn/winter, if you stick to makeup stereotypes that is!



Positive Changes | Self-Development

positive changes positivity self-development journey

My first year of University is coming to an end and I am going to be making a lot of changes over the summer months. Without going into detail, I’ve struggled a lot with both mental and physical illness in the past and while I have been doing really well for the past year or so I now feel ready to make some positive changes, get some really good habits in place and embrace who I really am. I want to learn to love myself and become the best me that I can possibly be: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I'm 'only 20' but I want to start building a really positive future for myself but also with Josh and this is the first step.

Why am I putting this on itsneecola? Well, I want to document my journey and keep myself accountable through my blog. It would also be great to share my experiences, book reviews, recipes etc. that I discover along my journey as well as interacting with any of you who are on a similar journey yourselves. Follow itsneecola on Instagram and Pinterest to see inspirational quotes and recipes etc. that I find. I will also be publishing a new page which will be a reading list of helpful and inspiring books and blogs. You could have a read of my first healthy food haul (click here) although admittedly when essay deadlines and exam season started things went a bit off-track! Exams will be over at the end of May so June will mark the start of my positive summer!

Do you have any suggestions as I embark on my journey of positive changes and self-development? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Nicola x


Fixing Dry Winter Skin | Makeup

fixing dry winter skin makeup beauty blog the body shop l'oreal paris lumi magique primer foundation mac face and body liquid real techniques miracle complexion perfecting sponge

Last week I posted about the skincare I used to fix my dry, flakey winter skin. Click here to have a read if you haven’t already! While skincare tends to be the main thing we think of when it comes to skin ‘problems’ such as dryness or oiliness, I made a few changes to my makeup routine too. This particularly helped to reduce how flakey my skin became every time I applied my base makeup – gross but true!



5 Things To Do | Right Now

5 things to do right now inspiring list

1. Smile.
Just do it, whether you’re on your own or out and about, smile! It will make you feel better and could cheer someone else up too.



Tropic | An Introduction

discover tropic natural skincare brand beauty makeup

After our Arbonne experience, my good friend Natalie was looking for another natural skincare and beauty brand to try and found Tropic. She loved the products, the people and the business ethos and decided to become an Ambassador. I mentioned the Tropic cleanser in my morning and evening skincare routine posts last year and have since tried some more products and really wanted to share my thoughts with you!


Fixing Dry Winter Skin | Skincare

fixing helping dry winter skin skincare the body shop arbonne international cleanser toner moisturiser serum face oil scrub night day cream creme

At the turn of the New Year I was horrified with how dry my skin was. As a teenager I had always had oily skin, particularly in my T-zone, which I had sorted during my late-teens using Arbonne’s FC5 range for oily skin (see here and here). For a while my skin would sit in the ‘normal’ zone (whatever ‘normal’ means!) in that it wasn’t oily but wasn’t particularly dry either. However, a few months of living in a house with the dehumidifier constantly on, walking to Uni in the harsh winter wind and travelling up and down the country in the car really took a toll on my skin. It going to the point where buffing my foundation in was leaving me with flakey, snake-like skin no matter how much moisturiser or primer I used.



MAC Customer Service | My Experience

mac customer service experience cosmetics makeup lipstick foundation beauty review

You might want to grab a cuppa, it’s going to be a long one. However, if you've ever experienced MAC customer service, good or bad, as you might have something to add to this discussion and I would love to hear your thoughts.


YSL #10 | Beige Tribute

itsneecola YSL rouge pur couture #10 beige tribute makeup lipstick packaging

YSL is a brand that I would love to feature more frequently in my makeup collection, if it weren't for the hefty price tag. However over the past few months my YouTube addiction has led to more high-end brands sneaking their way into my makeup drawer. YSL is no exception and has become a part of my life in the shape of their Rouge Pur Couture lipstick, shade 10 Beige Tribute. The YouTuber to thank for this is Samantha from Batalash Beauty (stunning, talented MUA, badass attitude and all-round fabulous) who wears this lipstick a heck of a lot and so I had to have it.


Arbonne | Best Products

Arbonne International best products sea source spa fc5 sun care makeup

If you read last week's post about my Arbonne experience, you will remember me saying that I stand by what I said about the quality of Arbonne products. Today I am going to share with you what I feel are the best Arbonne products and the products that I would recommend to anybody wanting to try the brand. If you would like to purchase any of the products mentioned in this blog post, you can do so through my friend and fellow blogger Emily (@theglittervixen on twitter) who’s Arbonne ID is 441132670, or simply click here to visit her Arbonne shop. I've divided the products up by the range they belong to in order to try and make this post easier to follow! Click on the names of the products to be taken to the product online. (Also, please excuse the less-than-perfect photos! Bad lighting day, we've all been there!)



Healthy Eating | My First Shopping Trip

 photo Health food shop_zpsnucmx5tx.png

Changes are happening. This week has been the start of slow but steady changes in terms of mindset, lifestyle, health and fitness. The 30 Day Shred has been started again (and stuck to!) as have the squats and ab workouts and the healthy eating. I thought I would share what I picked up on my first healthy food shop:


Arbonne | My Experience

 photo My Arbonne experience_zpsjt6eqivg.jpg

From May 2013 to January 2014 I was an Arbonne Independent Consultant and you can find various Arbonne-related blog posts here on itsneecola. However, now that I am no longer a consultant it seems right to explain why, as I shared so much about Arbonne on my blog, at events and with other bloggers. There are various factors as to why I didn’t renew my consultancy status with Arbonne about a year ago, including the price of Arbonne products, the cost of the business, my upline and lifestyle changes.



Burberry Kisses | Free Lipstick

 photo Burberry Kisses No. 5 Nude Pink lipstick_zpswqvyk6ln.jpg

To celebrate the launch of their new lipstick line, BurberryKisses, Burberry sent out free miniature lipsticks to those of us who had been ‘nominated’ to receive one through Twitter. I was fortunate enough to be nominated by Lora (@moonfaceblogs) and when I had entered my details I was given the chance to nominate a friend, so nominated Georgina (@GeorginaBunney).



Rose Gold | The Watch

 photo itsneecola rose gold watch_zpshldla6mq.jpg

Rose Gold seems to be a blogger ‘thing’; from makeup brushes to jewellery, whatever you’re after you will be able to find it in a rose gold hue. Watches are no exception, and a couple of years ago the Michael Kors rose gold watch took the blogging world by storm. It is absolutely stunning, although if you’re like me you can’t help but notice the eye-watering price tag. So I took to Amazon and found the beauty pictured in this blog post and it hasn't left my wrist since! I get so many compliments on it, as well as people assuming at first-glance that it is the infamous Michael Kors watch, which you can’t deny is pretty impressive for an Amazon offering.

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