YSL Beige Tribute | Ways To Wear

When I first showed YSL’s Beige Tribute on itsneecola, I mentioned sometimes wearing it with a lip liner or gloss and thought I would share those with you today. One of the things I love about Beige Tribute is how versatile a shade it is. It can be worn on its own or paired with a lip liner to enhance or change the undertones. A lip liner really helps with the longevity too and there are two that I pair it with the most: Wish Me a Rose and Woo.

 photo YSL beige tribute lip swatch_zpsnvl7xis6.png
YSL Beige Tribute alone



Positive Changes | Reading List

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As part of many positive changes I’m making (see this blog post!) I decided to put a reading list together and have it as a new page on itsneecola. This way I can include links to online places to buy the books as well as reviews I’ve read or written for each book. Plus sharing is caring and I figured some of you reading this might be interested in seeing the list. I’ve split it up into various categories:

Inspiration/Soul Food
Physical health, food and fitness

I think they are self-explanatory, right? When you see the books under each category it might make more sense. Please bear in mind this is NOT a blogroll: the blogs and YouTube channels included are purely those which are particularly inspiring or relevant to my journey rather than all the beauty blogs and channels that I love. I might do a blogroll with my favourite blogs and channels soon.

I’d love to hear your suggestions for books I should add to the list! Head over to the page to see what books are there.

Nicola x


Tropic | Lipstick Wishlist

tropic lipstick wishlist natural cosmetics makeup packaging sweet pea in bloom peach perfect jazzberry jam

I’ve been going a bit mad for lipsticks recently. I think it might be to do with the fact that spring/summer is upon us and the stereotypical lip colours for this time of year are ones that I love to wear and always gravitate towards. I’m not a huge fan of wearing dark lips and so the pinks and corals that come around every summer get me lusting after lipsticks everywhere! When my friend Natalie came to stay (have a read of my Introduction to Tropic blog post to find out who Natalie is!) she brought all her Tropic lipsticks with her and of course I had to put a post together about them! My four favourites are Sweet Pea, In Bloom, Peach Perfect and Jazzberry Jam – the first three being perfect for this time of year and Jazzberry Jam would be great for autumn/winter, if you stick to makeup stereotypes that is!



Positive Changes | Self-Development

positive changes positivity self-development journey

My first year of University is coming to an end and I am going to be making a lot of changes over the summer months. Without going into detail, I’ve struggled a lot with both mental and physical illness in the past and while I have been doing really well for the past year or so I now feel ready to make some positive changes, get some really good habits in place and embrace who I really am. I want to learn to love myself and become the best me that I can possibly be: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I'm 'only 20' but I want to start building a really positive future for myself but also with Josh and this is the first step.

Why am I putting this on itsneecola? Well, I want to document my journey and keep myself accountable through my blog. It would also be great to share my experiences, book reviews, recipes etc. that I discover along my journey as well as interacting with any of you who are on a similar journey yourselves. Follow itsneecola on Instagram and Pinterest to see inspirational quotes and recipes etc. that I find. I will also be publishing a new page which will be a reading list of helpful and inspiring books and blogs. You could have a read of my first healthy food haul (click here) although admittedly when essay deadlines and exam season started things went a bit off-track! Exams will be over at the end of May so June will mark the start of my positive summer!

Do you have any suggestions as I embark on my journey of positive changes and self-development? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Nicola x


Fixing Dry Winter Skin | Makeup

fixing dry winter skin makeup beauty blog the body shop l'oreal paris lumi magique primer foundation mac face and body liquid real techniques miracle complexion perfecting sponge

Last week I posted about the skincare I used to fix my dry, flakey winter skin. Click here to have a read if you haven’t already! While skincare tends to be the main thing we think of when it comes to skin ‘problems’ such as dryness or oiliness, I made a few changes to my makeup routine too. This particularly helped to reduce how flakey my skin became every time I applied my base makeup – gross but true!



5 Things To Do | Right Now

5 things to do right now inspiring list

1. Smile.
Just do it, whether you’re on your own or out and about, smile! It will make you feel better and could cheer someone else up too.



Tropic | An Introduction

discover tropic natural skincare brand beauty makeup

After our Arbonne experience, my good friend Natalie was looking for another natural skincare and beauty brand to try and found Tropic. She loved the products, the people and the business ethos and decided to become an Ambassador. I mentioned the Tropic cleanser in my morning and evening skincare routine posts last year and have since tried some more products and really wanted to share my thoughts with you!


Fixing Dry Winter Skin | Skincare

fixing helping dry winter skin skincare the body shop arbonne international cleanser toner moisturiser serum face oil scrub night day cream creme

At the turn of the New Year I was horrified with how dry my skin was. As a teenager I had always had oily skin, particularly in my T-zone, which I had sorted during my late-teens using Arbonne’s FC5 range for oily skin (see here and here). For a while my skin would sit in the ‘normal’ zone (whatever ‘normal’ means!) in that it wasn’t oily but wasn’t particularly dry either. However, a few months of living in a house with the dehumidifier constantly on, walking to Uni in the harsh winter wind and travelling up and down the country in the car really took a toll on my skin. It going to the point where buffing my foundation in was leaving me with flakey, snake-like skin no matter how much moisturiser or primer I used.



MAC Customer Service | My Experience

mac customer service experience cosmetics makeup lipstick foundation beauty review

You might want to grab a cuppa, it’s going to be a long one. However, if you've ever experienced MAC customer service, good or bad, as you might have something to add to this discussion and I would love to hear your thoughts.
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