#screamhome | Candle Crafts

itsneecola #screamhome scream home halloween decor diy candles display

itsneecola #screamhome scream home halloween decor diy candles display yankee candle

Candles are very unoriginal, especially at this time of year, I know, but what can I say?! I love me an autumnal glow and scent-filled living room. My Pinterest is full of candle-themed decor so thought I'd try and put a nice display together for the #screamhome project.

For a full disclaimer about the #screamhome project, click here. This post isn't sponsored.


#screamhome | Food treats (with special guest!)

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I knew I had to incorporate some edible treats into my #screamhome challenge and when I realised that we would be visiting Josh's family the weekend before Halloween I thought it was the perfect opportunity to film with my favourite little lady, Grace! In true neecola style, none of the treats we made could be classed as Pinterest-worthy but we had so much fun and they tasted great! (Except the marshmallow pops, but more on that in a bit...) I thought I'd put this blog post together alongside the video for more in-depth information about the ingredients and method for the treats, although they are so simple that it probably isn't all that necessary! To watch the YouTube video, click here!

For a full disclaimer about the #screamhome project, click here. This post and video aren't sponsored.

#screamhome | Introduction and Disclaimer

itsneecola #screamhome scream home halloween decor diy candles display yankee candle
Blog post about my candle decor coming tomorrow!

Hey guys! I wanted to put this post together before my posts and videos go live for a project that I have mentioned in my first couple of vlogs (1, 2) on my YouTube channelThe project in question is #screamhome, in collaboration with Ocean Finance. They gave me £50 and challenged me to turn my home into a #screamhome! I wanted to fully disclaim this before my content went up so that there was no confusion! None of the content I will be putting up about this project is sponsored. I hadn't been asked to make videos or blog posts in particular so I decided to do a mix!



September Empties | YouTube

I thought I'd share my latest video on here too in case you missed it on my channel. I love watching these videos as I feel like if someone has actually used up a full product then it shows that they have formed a good opinion of it rather than favourites videos for example! Let me know what you think of the new setting in this video too, and whether you've tried any of the products I mentioned!


Brazened Honey | Lush Fresh Face Mask

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I've been really liking Lush recently - they are a brand that I have heard so much about over the past few years but I've never actually delved very far into their products. A while back I visited their Nottingham store and after the lovely sales assistant gave me a fabulously helpful grand tour of the store I decided to bring a fresh face mask away with me. After much deliberation I opted for Brazened Honey and I thought you might be interested to hear how I got on with it!
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