Makeup Removal: 3 Ways

In the past year or so I've incorporated a more thorough skincare regimen into my beauty routine. My skin has been in all sorts of camps this year: it has gone from dry and flakey, to blemish-prone, to combination...I can't keep up! One thing I have noticed though is how switching up products seems to help, so I have a few different products on rotation in each skincare category to try and keep on top of any blemishes and problems as they arise. Today I thought I'd share my three favourite types of products to remove makeup with: an oil, a cleansing balm and a micellar water.


#NottsAlzheimersMeetup - Brands, Goodybag & Prizes!

In case you've missed it, I've already blogged (and vlogged!) about Saturday's #NottsAlzheimersMeetup - click here to have a read or here to watch. That post was super long, so I thought I would dedicate a separate blog post to the amazing brands who were involved in the meet up in whatever capacity.

The first brand that I have to mention is Weleda, a natural skincare brand. Weleda Advisor Clare Heyting talked to us about Weleda's philosophy and a range of their products, including their hero product: Skin Food. We were each lucky enough to receive a tube of Skin Food in our goodybags as well as a sample sachet of Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash. I was also lucky enough to win a box of Weleda body lotions which is excellent timing (if you read this post you'll know why!). Thanks so much Clare (and Weleda)!



On Saturday I headed into Nottingham city centre for the #NottsAlzheimersMeetup: an event to raise funds and awareness for Alzheimer's Society whilst also getting the chance to meet and mingle with other bloggers. The meetup was single-handedly arranged by Ellie (of uniquelovestyle.com), who I had met at a previous Nottingham-based blog meetup in 2014. Ellie did an incredible job with no detail missed: the venue was spot-on, involvement from brands was excellent and the afternoon consisted of a perfect balance of beauty-blogger-chat and informative fundraising.

We had the back room of Edin's Deli CafĂ© Nottingham for the afternoon: with a table laden with raffle prizes, a table for the guest speaker and a table for us to sit, eat and natter it was the perfect intimate and informal setting. I arrived with Molly and Lora and typically food was my first priority. After far too long spent deliberating (it all looked so good - between the set menu, other main meals and the tapas I just couldn't decide!) I opted for the set menu: melon and parma ham to start, followed by the roast tomato and feta risotto. The food was delicious and the set menu was incredible value so I was a happy bunny from the get go! 


Be Your Own Coach

So many bloggers are talking about "wellness" nowadays: self-love, positivity, wellbeing, fitness... I am constantly both inspired and overwhelmed by the wellness industry and have been approached by coaches many times over the past few years as I've followed their journeys, and I've declined their offers of courses and coaching for various reasons that I might go into in a separate post. While I'd love to work with these people one day, it just isn't where I'm at right now but I am still passionate about my own wellbeing: mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. So where does that leave me?

“A lot of people ask me how I started my self love journey, what I did or how I knew where to go and how to look for information, and honestly, I went into self-love with the mentality that I was gonna have to be my own coach.”


3 Budget Beauty Buys

I never thought I'd say this, but the other day I ran out of body butter. In recent months I've become a little obsessed with using some form of body moisturiser every morning after my shower and it has got to the point where if I don't use anything I feel like crepe paper...high-maintanence? Perhaps. Nonetheless, I made a note to pick some form of body butter up during my next supermarket pitstop, so when I visited Sainsburys the other day I headed to the beauty aisle - a place I usually try and avoid in order to protect my bank balance. While I was there I naturally remembered that I just had to pick up a couple of other products (which is why aforementioned bank-balance-protection-measures are needed - I enable myself far too easily). In my defence, multiple skincare items have been running dangerously low recently, and I did look for the friendly red sale sticker when making my choices.


How To Handle Health Visits (2)

In my previous blog post all about how to handle health visits, I mentioned that I have narrowed down my pre-appointment stress/anxiety/nerves to three broad causes: embarrassment, pain and results. In order to save that blog post from being novel-length, I thought I'd share a more in-depth exploration of those three causes here. As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts, so tweet me or leave me a comment and we can chat!

How To Handle Health Visits (1)

Health visits can be stressful, but they’re necessary, so its worth finding ways to handle them.

A bit of a backstory...

From simple check-ups, to surgery…I think most people would say that health visits cause at least a little stress or anxiety. As a child, I visited the doctor about as much as the average child I would imagine - for check-ups, antibiotics, etc - and then slightly more when I had to see specialists for my back, and for what I now think were the very early signs of my Crohn’s disease. I was pretty healthy as a teen and didn’t see health professionals much at all during my high school days, but that all changed when I turned 17. I won’t give the full story (I might do in another post if anyone is interested...?) but as of late 2011 I started seeing health professionals very regularly, began having multiple tests, ended up staying in hospital and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2012. My condition has been under control since then, which I am very grateful for, but that process really threw me in at the deep end in terms of becoming confident with health visits.


Acrylic Makeup Storage

Acrylic Makeup Storage was at one time a must-have for beauty bloggers as it is both affordable and aesthetically pleasing - two very important things. I've recently given my makeup collection a little overhaul and sort out, putting my two acrylic makeup holders to better use and I'm pretty pleased with how they look!


Letting Go of Toxic Relationships

Last year I made a choice.

I decided to be selfish in terms of my friendships and relationships with other people. I was becoming increasingly irritable and negative as university went along, until the Easter break rolled around and I had a month away from certain people. My mood changed, I became positive and upbeat again and I couldn’t help but notice the correlation. I had already realised that some of the people I was spending my time with made me feel shit with the way they spoke to me and with their energy in general. Don’t get me wrong, these individuals are probably perfectly nice people and have friendships that they really give a lot to and are valuable in. But for me, their energy and personalities did nothing but drag me down. So I cut them out. My confidence, self-worth and search for positivity is worth more to me than friendships that don’t benefit me.



'Eat, Pray, Love' Book Review

Thirty-something year old Elizabeth Gilbert has a life that other women would dream of: she has a husband, a New York family home and they’re trying for a baby. So the realisation that she doesn’t want any of it a bitter pill to swallow. After finding herself sobbing on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night for the countless time, she speaks to God. God replies, and Liz goes back to bed. A tortuous divorce, a passionate yet painful love affair, and months of grief and confusion later, and Liz begins her journey of recovery through Italy, India and Indonesia.
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