L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Mask

For weeks now, bloggers have been #MultiMasking with the new L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Masks and I must admit, I felt pretty intrigued! I've been having major skin issues recently, so when I saw these on offer for £5 in Boots I couldn't pass up the chance to try one. I opted for the Detox mask because a) I've never tried a grey/black mask and they look cool... and b) it seemed the most appropriate for my skin type and current issues!



The 8 Stages of Fake Tanning

1. Denial - This foundation shade is absolutely fine! Just blend it down my neck a bit...see, perfect.

2. Acceptance - Face it, you look like Edward Cullen, minus the glitter...you can't pull off the English Rose look.

3. Excitement - Ok, I love tanning! Summer glow all year round, what more could you want? And it'll look so natural too - definitely not streaky.


Affordable Acid Toning

I think we can put the increasing hype around acid toners down to Caroline Hirons, who regularly shares her love for them on her blog and YouTube channel. One of the more budget-friendly options  Caroline recommended in the past are the Clearasil Daily Clear Superfruits Refreshing Pads. I've bought maybe 3 or 4 tubs of this in the past year or so and absolutely love them...the only problem being they are becoming harder and harder to get hold of! I bought mine from Amazon for around a very purse-friendly £4 each time, but I can't find them for less than £39 now! Very frustrating. So I thought I'd share some other budget-friendly acid toners that I've discovered, in case you're struggling to find some yourself.


Rush Hair Nottingham

Rush hair are opening a new salon in Nottingham city centre and last night I got the chance to visit the salon before the official opening! We were greeted with a drink and nibbles and shown around the salon before being offered the chance to speak to the staff about cuts, colouring, or styling.



Just Read: The Shack

My mum has raved about The Shack for years, but this enthusiasm has always come with the warning that it is a very graphic and emotionally tough read. After reading What's So Amazing About Grace in the summer, I was craving a fictional read that would challenge my faith and spirituality in a similar way and so I took the plunge and began reading The Shack. Only a couple of days in and this was my Facebook status:

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