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Born and bred in Yorkshire, currently living in Nottinghamshire having studied Sociology at uni.

Blogging Background?

(on and off, and on multiple platforms...)

Anything else we should know?

I have a soft spot for chocolate, pizza express, the colour coral, cute films and checked shirts.

Water is my drink of choice, however I’m partial to a glass of rosé or still lemonade when I’m out and about (vodka cranberry or SoCo and lemonade, if we’re partying super hard).

Innocent pleasures:
The Lord of the Rings will forever be my favourite trilogy.
Anything U/PG rated brings me joy (think Ice Age, Tangled, Despicable Me).

Guilty pleasures:
Made In Chelsea, Towie and KUWTK
Makeup (would be an innocent pleasure, but I am realistically too poor to continue at the current rate I'm going)
Chocolate (I'm sometimes swayed by the Clean Eating trend, but I am a hopeless chocoholic and I have no desire to be cured).

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